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The Comfort Pad

The Comfort Pad

Incredibly soft and easy to use like socks

 Absorbs and prevents sweating 

Invisible in your shoes

Eco friendly and reusable

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Straight From the Manufacturer!!

NO MORE dealing with shady coppy-cat stores!

Get it from the ORIGINAL store!!

Over 1000 Happy Customers!

Are You ready to Join them and give your feet the comfort they deserve?

Wearing Heels has never been easier!


A pair of the Selected variant you chose.

Type : Shoe Cushin

Size : Women

Variants : 2

Material : Soft Fabric

How to Use

Can be used with most shoe types just put on your feet like socks.

Nice soft stretchy material.

Can be washed.




After Confirmed payment we process order and Ship withing 1-2 business days.

We are currently working to setting up a UK Warehouse, We are getting Extreme amount of UK Orders so VERY SOON We will have Very fast UK shipping in matter of Days to match the Demand. current UK shipping is about 10 days

US Shipping is 4-10 days Usually on average 7 business days

For UAE it takes about 5-7 days to deliver.

Thank you all for your Understanding and know we are working towards providing you with fast shipping always!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Vinnie Hauck

Very good pads, I have long dreamed of such as I often rub the sole when I walk in heels. Soft comfortable

Jacynthe Torp

Very good, corresponds to what is offered, they are soft and comfortable
If they fulfill their function

Nathaniel Jacobi

It's okay, it's time.

Jaden Corkery

I am delighted, they are super comfortable I recommend them when I 100% if it happens like Me, depending on the shoe you wear if he spends time with the stall and burns you like The bottom of the feet this is the best invention of your lives, because it will assure you that it does not burn you and that you can wear the shoe all night with Comfort

Carmen Brakus

The Comfort Pad